About Us -

Established in 2015 with USREOU 39824683, and License No. 13571020000003959 with the object of activity “Manufacture and wholesale of other products of wood, wholesale of solid biomass fuels and related products, and Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary product.  We have been present and successfully operate in the Biomass fuels and wood pellet construction materials and Wooden Pallets market since 2015. Our specialization – Supply of domestic and foreign partners with en+ pellet, nestro, pini kay, ruf briquettes, epal pallet, beech pellets, en+ a1 pellet, Firewood, Wood chips, charcoal, Plywood, Charcoal, and animal bedding. 

In addition, together with our partners, we are implementing innovative projects for the replacement of natural gas and coal with renewable energy sources at industrial enterprises of various sectors.

As a result of the implementation of such projects, a significant economic effect is supplemented by a qualitative reduction in the emissions of fossil fuels into the atmosphere, which allows our customers to significantly improve the environmental component of their production activities.

Our Vision —

Ø The offerings of the organization have been constantly growing, making non-stop investments within side the safety of nature with the planting of approximately 100,000 poplar seedlings, shifting each year at this rate, our intention to attain one million poplars.  

Ø The planted bushes come from the installed nursery, wherein approximately 50,000 poplar seedlings are produced each year.

Our Mission —

Ø We work hard with full responsibility every day, to have satisfied customers, performance and above all the highest quality in the market.

Ø Competency and reliability of our suppliers and partners, alignment of their services with energy and environmental values.

Ø Highly trained and qualified employees skills in accordance with the requirements and principles of our corporate philosophy.

Our Values

Ø Group work

Ø Integrity

Ø Performance

Ø Respect

Ø Quality produced, certification and examined strictly in step with predefined standards.

Ø The client in focus

Our Strategy 


Ø Focus on profitable projects

Ø The maximum quality requirements in manufacturing

Ø The advent of different factors of manufacturing inside our cycle

Where We Operate 


We have multiplied our sports in international locations such in:

² Poland

² Germany

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